Probate Law

Helping you through the probate court with ease

If your loved one has not put appropriate documents in place, their assets and income will need to be managed through the probate court. This is also true for their medical decisions.

Marilyn A. Knak helps families through the difficult, but necessary, process conducted by the probate court. Choosing the right court procedure is greatly eased by an experienced attorney familiar with the proceedings.

A dedicated probate lawyer on your side

Even in an otherwise amicable division of assets among family members, a probate lawyer will help to expedite matters so that you can focus more on celebrating your loved one’s life rather than on their material possessions.

  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Contested wills, trusts and estates
  • Minimization of final taxes
  • Probate court avoidance options
  • Probate shortcuts for small estates

A will does not avoid probate

One of the best ways to avoid the hassle and emotional trauma of probate court is to plan ahead with a trust. Most people don’t realize that execution of a will does not avoid probate. Though creating and funding a trust is more time consuming and costly than a will, it will go a long way to saving your family time and money upon your passing. Additionally, it will streamline the use of your assets for your benefit if you become disabled.

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“I sought the services of attorney Marilyn Knak to help me obtain guardianship of my elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s. Marilyn was very knowledgeable, organized and efficient. She was also kind and compassionate and helped me every step of the way, legally and emotionally, through a very stressful situation. With her help and guidance, I am now my mother’s guardian.”  – Ruth Lorenzetti